DeforaOS Git repositories

About the repositories

The following repositories are currently hosted by the DeforaOS Project.

Repository access

The repositories can be cloned directly using the HTTPS or SSH transports.

Alternatively, a web interface can be used to browse the repositories online.

With the HTTPS transport

$ git clone

With the SSH transport

Please note that SSH access currently requires being an official developer for the project.

SSH access is temporarily moved to port 1622. Sorry for the inconvenience.

$ git clone

See also

The DeforaOS project can be found directly at

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List all projects
Project Description Last Change
DeforaOS.git DeforaOS Project 8 months ago
DeforaOS-Artwork.git DeforaOS Artwork 20 months ago
libDatabase.git DeforaOS Database access library 5 months ago
Accessories.git DeforaOS Desktop accessories 16 months ago
Auditor.git DeforaOS Desktop security... 12 months ago
Browser.git DeforaOS Desktop file manager 7 weeks ago
Calendar.git DeforaOS Desktop calendar 2 years ago
Camera.git DeforaOS Desktop photo camera 2 years ago
Clipboard.git DeforaOS Desktop clipboard 2 years ago
Clock.git DeforaOS Desktop clock 2 years ago
Coder.git DeforaOS Desktop Integrated... 2 years ago
Editor.git DeforaOS Desktop text editor 2 years ago
Flashlight.git DeforaOS Desktop flashlight 2 years ago
Framer.git DeforaOS Desktop window manager 3 years ago
HexEditor.git DeforaOS Desktop hexadecimal... 2 years ago
Installer.git DeforaOS Desktop graphical... 2 years ago
Integration.git DeforaOS Desktop integration 2 years ago
Keyboard.git DeforaOS Desktop virtual keyboard 2 years ago
Locker.git DeforaOS Desktop screensaver 4 months ago
Mailer.git DeforaOS Desktop mail client 5 months ago
Mixer.git DeforaOS Desktop volume mixer 9 months ago
Notes.git DeforaOS Desktop Notes 2 years ago
PDFViewer.git DeforaOS Desktop PDF viewer 2 years ago
Panel.git DeforaOS Desktop panel 8 months ago
Phone.git DeforaOS Desktop telephony... 2 years ago
Player.git DeforaOS Desktop media player 23 months ago
Presenter.git DeforaOS Desktop presentation... 2 years ago
Surfer.git DeforaOS Desktop web browser 2 months ago
Terminal.git DeforaOS Desktop terminal... 2 years ago
Todo.git DeforaOS Desktop todo-list... 12 months ago
VNCViewer.git DeforaOS Desktop VNC viewer 2 years ago
XMLEditor.git DeforaOS Desktop XML editor 2 years ago
libDesktop.git DeforaOS Desktop library 7 weeks ago
Asm.git DeforaOS Assembly and de-assem... 3 months ago
C99.git DeforaOS C99 compilation framework 2 years ago
CPP.git DeforaOS Code Pre-Processor 8 months ago
configure.git DeforaOS Project management 3 months ago
scripts.git DeforaOS Development scripts 5 months ago
strace.git DeforaOS Unix development... 2 years ago
DeforaOS-Manual-Pages.git DeforaOS Manual Pages 2 years ago
libFPGA.git 2 years ago
GServer.git DeforaOS Graphical server 2 years ago
GToolkit.git DeforaOS Graphical toolkit 2 years ago
uKernel.git DeforaOS System micro-kernel 8 months ago
Probe.git DeforaOS Network monitoring... 8 months ago
Transport.git DeforaOS Network integration 2 years ago
VPN.git DeforaOS Network VPN 2 years ago
inetd.git DeforaOS Server for Internet... 2 years ago
AppInterfaces.git DeforaOS application messaging... 6 years ago
Init.git DeforaOS System session 5 years ago
Loader.git DeforaOS System dynamic loader 15 months ago
Splasher.git DeforaOS System boot splash 5 years ago
VFS.git DeforaOS System VFS 16 months ago
libApp.git DeforaOS System application... 8 months ago
libMarshall.git DeforaOS System marshalling... 5 months ago
libParser.git DeforaOS System parsing library 4 months ago
libSystem.git DeforaOS System essential... 8 months ago
libc.git DeforaOS C run-time and library 5 weeks ago
devel.git DeforaOS Unix development... 2 years ago
others.git DeforaOS Unix additional utilities 3 months ago
sh.git DeforaOS Unix shell (POSIX) 2 years ago
utils.git DeforaOS Unix utilities (POSIX) 2 years ago
DaPortal.git DeforaOS Content Management... 16 months ago